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C. Rosettie

"My pain was a daily battle… Exhausting and overwhelming. It was always with me. No amount of Tiger Balm, heat, ice or ibuprofen provided relief. I could not lay on either side without pain. When I turned my head it sounded like I was walking on broken glass. It was difficult to focus on anything for long and my energy levels were becoming lower and lower."

"I had been to other physicians, but relief would be temporary or they would prescribe narcotics. I could no longer exercise. The pain would interrupt my sleep. I honestly believed that the pain was associated to my age and that I would have to learn to live with it."

"I want others to know that this treatment plan I received at True Health has been a game changer —- A LIFE CHANGER. I want others to know that they don’t HAVE to live with chronic pain… that their quality of life can be restored just as mine has!"

C. Van Tyle

"I was suffering from low back pain and neck issues. I would have continued pain in my shoulder and neck. My back pain would come and go. This would cause me to be unproductive and unable to do my work."

"I would go to the chiropractor from time-to-time, but usually I had to deal and work through the pain and discomfort."

"I feel much better now. I have little to no pain in my neck. From time to time I get a glitch in my back, but a visit with Dr. Kyle seems to fix that. The staff at True Health is great and they work hard to make my life and others better."

H. Robinson

"My daughter has an array of issues: Pain and inflammation, Hashimotos, and Lyme disease. Hannah is unable to walk and has been wheelchair bound for a year. She has had seizures, pain all over, headaches, backaches, vision issues, neck pain, rib pain, dizziness, and extreme fatigue. Her life has been turned upside-down."

"We have been to a rheumatologist, neurologist, cardiologist, lung dr., immunologist, GI Dr., and pediatricians to name a few. Most tests would come back normal. An internist found hashimotos thyroidism. A vaccine specialist found Lyme disease and coinfections."

"Hannah still has a long road ahead but through detox, diet, chiropractic care, cranial adjustments, Biofeedback, and the love Hannah and I feel from everyone in the office. Hannah is making improvements. Her pain and inflammation has been improved greatly and her strength is improving. Hannah feels this has been the best treatment for her and she is very excited. She feels like this is the best treatment for her recovery. Her treatment here has brought her more relief than any of the other places we have been. It has given her great hope."

M. Warden

"Lower back pain – it was debilitating."

"I woke up on August 7th with severe lower back pain. I could barely move. Even going to the restroom was very difficult. Both my legs suffered through trauma too as I hobbled around the house. I had swelling in leg and knee while the other leg had a lot of swelling in my ankle, foot, and toes. Dr. Kyle diagnosed me with Scoliosis (curvature of the spine). My legs were suffering from it because of the extreme lower back pain & the way I had to walk."

"At first I went to Dr. Kyle 3 times a week for 3 weeks. He was very helpful and encouraging to me as I slowly healed. He explained what was happening in a very simple language and he gave me hope for 100% recovery. Now, 2 months later, I’m seeing Dr. Kyle once a month. My back feels great and I’m doing strengthening exercises to stabilize my spine. Both legs are fin and the swelling in my ankle is 90% gone. I’m walking good, but still cautiously because I don’t want the scoliosis to act up again. I can even walk the block again. I’m back to my old self! I am very grateful to Dr. Kyle and his staff for all the wonderful service to get me back walking and moving around 100%. I would definitely recommend Gulledge to anyone."

G. W.

"Thanks to all the doctors and staff at True Health. Everyone there is awesome and always helpful. From their front desk, to all the wonderful doctors, I’ve been super happy with everything they do. Dr. David has been a great help in rehabbing my elbow and shoulder. I play a lot of ball with my son. The doctors have told me to just stop, and my arm would eventually get better. Dr. David understood my dilemma and helped give me a stretching and exercise routine that has made all the difference in the world. I’m still throwing the ball and with less pain than before. Thanks again and keep up all the great, caring work."

T. Tsilis

"I had mouth surgery three years ago and have had mouth pain ever since. I also have had very limited range of motion in my neck for years. Low energy was another condition I had. All of these affected my life. Not able to work, exercise or enjoy normal day-to-day activities."

"I went to physical therapy which was great but the pain would return."

"Dr. Kyle and team are amazing and I am so happy that I found True Health! My pain level went from an 8 to a 1 or 2. Some days it is a Zero! Dr. Kyle made a plan for me and by exercises, adjustments, meditation and heavy metal detox I feel so much better. Everyone should live a life of happiness and be pain free. Get an evaluation by one of these doctors. You will not regret it!"