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Specialty testing provides your doctors with the information they need to give you the most precise plan of care.

Food Allergy Test
Different than the standard allergy test that looks at immediate acute allergies, the antibodies that are tested are called Immunoglobulin G (IgG). These have a much longer half life than the traditional IgE allergy. Symptoms, ranging from headache and nausea to seizure and hyperactivity, may occur hours or even days after the offending food has been ingested. This functional look at how your body reacts to the foods you eat is paramount in evaluation of long term chronic health issues. This test is to measure the immune systems reaction to the foods you are eating.

Organic Acid Test
The Organic Acids Test (OAT) provides a metabolic “snapshot” based on the products the body discards through the urine. These discarded organic acid molecules are byproducts of cellular activity, the digestion of foods, and the metabolism of gastrointestinal flora. At certain levels, organic acids in urine may be indicators of toxicity or “markers” of metabolic pathways. Metabolites of yeast or gastrointestinal bacteria appear against the background of normal human metabolites and provide an assessment of yeast and bacterial activity. This test is used to determine if the chemistry of the cells is stable.

Mineral/Heavy Metals Test
By assessing the mineral content of the hair you are able to see if your body has the minerals it needs to function. Minerals help the body’s hormone levels, digestion, mood balance, and so much more. This test also evaluates the presence of toxic metals in the body such as mercury, lead, aluminum, arsenic, and cadmium that so many people are exposed to and may not know it. Some studies show that over 50% of the US population may have mineral deficiencies and this test can show definitively. This test is to determine if you have any mineral deficiencies or heavy metal toxicities.

Functional Blood Test
Most people don’t realize that the normal values of blood tests are far too broad to really assess a person’s wellness. By using standard blood labs and using the “Functional Wellness Scale or F.W.S.” we are able to see imbalances in the body before they become diseases. These tests allow us to see and grade the function of organs like the liver and kidneys as well as the immune system and cardiovascular system. When using a functional blood test you are able to use nutritional and herbal protocols to make changes visible in the blood work. These tests are used to determine the current status of the organs and balance of the blood.

Functional Hormone Test
Hormones are a complex subject and are often poorly tested. By testing the hormone levels in your saliva and/or blood, we are able to look at the functional hormones or the “free fraction” in the body and see how they are affecting the body. Countless patients have been told that “the tests are all normal” only to find that with a functional saliva test we can see clearly why they are having symptoms. These tests determine the balance of the hormone system.

Evoked Potential Biofeedback Test
Considered by many to be the “Wellness test of the 22nd century” this electrical test helps to identify if your body is being stressed by: hormone imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, environmental toxicities, pathogens, immune system weakness, oxidative stress, and more. This advanced test is performed in the office and has proven to be a tremendous benefit to countless patients. This test is used to assess the working capacity and stress levels of the systems of the body.

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