Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma in Overland Park KS

PRP therapy in Overland Park has been used by elite athletes for years and is now available to Kansas City residents. PRP Therapy uses a patient's own blood which contains growth factors and powerful anti-inflammatory agents to aid in the healing process. Patients get excellent pain relief by fostering a layer of concentrated platelets and re-injecting this "platelet rich plasma" back into the injured area which then aids in cartilage and tissue regeneration.

Regenerative medical treatments at True Health have shown to be effective in alleviating pain on their own, and in combination, they can provide remarkable results for our patients without the risks of drugs and surgery. Our extensive experience and advanced FDA compliant treatments allow us to provide hope for patients who have failed to find a solution to their pain through other options. Contact us today at 913-338-1112 to schedule your free consultation.

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