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Back Pain Relief

spinal decompression
  1. Injuries. An acute injury that happened recently or an accumulation of little injuries (micro trauma) over time.
  2. Spinal Curve/bio mechanical problems. This leads to problems affecting the the nerves around the spine like disc herniation, degeneration, spinal stenosis or scoliosis.
  3. Obesity. Increased weight puts more pressure on the joints of the low back causing pain.

The body can be compared to a car – If your check engine light is on you take the car in because a problem has alerted the sensor. If you don’t take your car in chances are something will break down or wear out and start causing more parts in the car to malfunction. Pain is our body’s check engine light – If back pain is not taken care of properly it not only can wear out your joints, but can also begin to negatively effect to other parts of the body – including organs.

Traditional treatments for back pain are usually over the counter pain reliever medications or prescribed pain pills/muscle relaxers which can be potentially dangerous to the organs of the body. Also, surgery is often a treatment for low back pain which commonly can be avoided by trying a conservative approach first.

Our office takes a comprehensive approach by offering pain relief by localized injection, strengthening with physical rehabilitation, and stabilizing with chiropractic alignment. We also implement weight loss programs when applicable to provide you with a comprehensive long lasting solution.

We get the best results because we use tools from many provider’s disciplines all in one center.

Don’t mask the pain, get to the root of the problem and take the physical medicine approach first. We know that if your condition is too advanced for a conservative approach, we will refer you out to the proper provider. Your health is your greatest wealth!

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“I want others to know that this treatment plan I received at True Health has been a game changer —- A LIFE CHANGER. I want others to know that they don’t HAVE to live with chronic pain… that their quality of life can be restored just as mine has!”

- Carrie Rosettie

“I had low back pain for 10 years, pain in both feet, and I was unable to walk for more than 15 minutes due to 2 previously herniated discs and 5 bulging discs. I was unable to run and had to retire from the US Marine Corps. After seeing Dr. Gulledge I can now walk up to 5 miles at a time and am able to do more yard work and even chop firewood. I am now able to work more at my landscape business.”

- 53, male

"I have seen so many changes in my life for the better since coming here. The staff here is so diversified and friendly. Being treated here has been a very uplifting, hope-filled experience. I'm looking forward to continued improvement, but I won't be happy to leave."

- Amy Ritoch

11879 West 112th Street #100
Overland Park, KS 66210